Three Indoor Play Areas in Naples Three Indoor Play Areas in Naples

Are you searching for something fun to do with your grandkids for a couple of hours indoors in Southwest Florida? Extreme heat, humidity and rain can often drive caregivers crazy when searching for fun things to do with children in Florida. Even when its sunny outside, shaded parks are often too hot for young kids to enjoy. The summer months often drive Neapolitan residents indoors, and planning activities and outings around remaining indoors is vital.

Here are three great options for fun places grandparents can take their grandkids indoors in Naples:

  1. Whiz Kids Playzone. Located at 1050 Pine Ridge Road in Naples, Florida, the Whiz Kids Playzone offers a large indoor playground for children ages zero to six. Children can enjoy the many features of the indoor play area while remaining comfortably cool. The play areas promote valuable skills, including physical development, hand-eye coordination and balancing, and it provides an opportunity for children to interact with other peers. Click here to go to Whiz Kids website.
  2. Bounce! Trampoline Sports. This indoor play area offers lots of fun activities focused around trampolines. At the corner of Airport Pulling Road and Vanderbilt Beach Road, this indoor playground is convenient to central and north Naples locations. Before taking your grandchildren to Bounce! Trampoline Sports, though, make sure to read their website thoroughly for age guidelines and restrictions for the areas within this indoor play center. Click here to go to Bounce! website.
  3. C’MON Children’s Museum of Naples. The Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples, Florida, is a wonderful indoor play area to take your grandchildren. Its large size, many activity areas, and special events provide lots of opportunities to enjoy your grandchildren and make memories with them. If you plan to take your grandchildren to this museum, though, the large size and often crowded nature of the museum can get overwhelming for children and adults alike. Click here to go to CMON website.

As you navigate caring for your grandchildren and providing them with opportunities for fun adventure, consider these three indoor playgrounds in Naples, Florida. They won’t disappoint!