Taking Your Granddaughters to the Spa Taking Your Granddaughters to the Spa

Maybe your younger granddaughters aren’t ready for a full day at the spa, or even a 45 minute basic pedicure. Fortunately, Naples, Florida has a place to celebrate girl-hood and primping. Enjoy spending time with your granddaughter getting dolled up at Lollipop’s Kids’ Spa, located at 12040 Livingston Road, Unit 16 – on the corner of Livingston Road and Pine Ridge Road in central Naples.

Lollipop’s is a kids’ spa focused on creating memories for little children and their families. The spa’s heart and culture lends itself to creativity, fantasy and imagination, promoting self-esteem and fun in the lives of every girl who walks in. What services does Lollipop’s offer to grandparents and their granddaughters?

  • An array of spa services, including manicures, pedicures, hair up do’s, hair braids and beading, makeup application, etc.
  • Haircuts for children of all ages.
  • Mommy and Me services for mothers and daughters, which includes manicures and pedicures, along with the option of photography.
  • Playdates and parties during which parents and grandparents can set up group activities and celebrations for a number of children to spend time in the salon exclusively.
  • The option to add art project and photography to the experience.
  • Options for food services, decorations, gift baskets, party bags, professional photography, etc. for birthday parties.

Thinking of taking your granddaughter for a day at Lollipop’s? Enjoy the time together, and be sure to call first to make an appointment, and visit the Lollipop’s Kids’ Spa website for more detailed information on the wide range of services and experiences this unique place offers to families in the Naples community. Their website may be found here: http://lollipopskidsspa.com/. Be sure to coordinate with your granddaughter’s parents in order to confirm what services may be appropriate or enjoyable for your granddaughter. Bring your camera, and savor the time making your granddaughter feel like a princess!