Take Your Grandchildren Bowling in Naples! Take Your Grandchildren Bowling in Naples!

Taking your grandchildren bowling in Naples is such an easy and fun activity, and there are a couple of options in terms of locations here in Southwest Florida. What an exciting and memorable activity for the many rainy or hot and humid days this area experiences on a regular basis!

Two Convenient Bowling Alleys

There are a couple of convenient bowling alleys located in Naples, both owned by the same company: Bowland. These bowling alleys are family friendly, and offer bowling options customized for young children to have an enjoyable experience.

1. Bowland Beacon. This bowling alley is located on the corner of US 41 and Pine Ridge Road, and boasts 24 lanes, including an 8 land “boutique bowl” area perfect for parties. This area has giant screens, leather seating, and upgraded lighting. The restaurant located in Bowland Beacon, Nemo’s Sports Bar, serves three meals a day and has a full service bar. Click for Beacon website.

2. Bowland Woodside. Located on Radio Road near the intersection of Radio and Davis in south Naples, Bowland Woodside offers a classic bowling alley feel. It provides 40 lanes to patrons, along with pool tables and a sports café. It also has a “boutique bowl” area, along with a restaurant which serves three meals a day. The restaurant/bar area has large screen TVs which show all major games and sporting events. Click for Woodside website.

If you decide to take your grandchildren bowling at either of these alleys, be sure to call for pricing and to make a reservation in advance. They get very busy on certain days and at certain times, and you want to make sure to create a seamless experience for your grandchildren. Enjoy, and take lots of photos, especially if it is your grandchild’s first time bowling!